Framing at Sarnoff Art

Quality Service At Sarnoff Art we work with our customers to provide them with museum quality custom framing to fit every need. Whether it's a poster print from a family vacation or a group of product photos for a corporate suite, the Studio 3 team will follow your direction or suggest a new approach if needed. No intimidating art-speak. No sales pitches. Just one-on-one advice from skilled experts who really do listen. We can help you create truly personalized framing that suits your style.

Know Where Your Art is Your artwork is framed in-house which means your artwork will never leave our sight or our shop. Your work is framed with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

Conservation Framing Picture framing provides an attractive presentation for art and objects, but it serves another important function as well: protection. Framing can protect against damage from common environmental sources such as light, moisture, insects, and handling.Conservation Framing (sometimes called preservation framing) is the practice of framing art and objects using the most protective methods and materials available.

Canvas Stretching We buy the finest stretching frames. We do not use low quality wood that can warp in a few months or years. This is why our prices may be higher than some competitors. We will not sell any canvas, watercolor or stretching materials than can not stand the test of time. We carefully stretch our giclees to be straight on the bars.

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