Privilege Gioiello

Proximity to Vicenza, Italy's jewellery "capital", has always influenced Montegrappa. For a century, the company's pens have exhibited the same attention to detail, and employed the same artisan skills, that are embodied in fine jewellery. It is therefore fitting that Montegrappa heralds new engraving techniques and novel, hand-etched patterns with a family of models in the Privilege range, a range dubbed "Privilege Gioiello".

"Gioiello" is Italian for "jewel" or "gem", and these terms will be used frequently to describe the look created by the new patterns, as applied to the octagonal Privilege pen. Its original form was inspired by a model from the Thirties, and a part of Montegrappa's museum collection. Inherently elegant, the Privilege shape has been enhanced by sterling silver, decorated with new motifs produced by special techniques.

For Privilege Gioiello, the finishes will be applied to all of the metal components in each pen, the clip, for example, engraved with the same finish as the cap to create a "camouflage" effect. Four patterns will be offered, including Arctic, with its icy cool reflections; Bark, with a grainy, sylvan surface; Peacock, bearing whorls as would decorate majestic tail-feathers; and Wave, suggesting the flow of water. Privilege Gioiello will be available as fountain pen and rollerball only in a limited edition of 500 pcs. only of each style and mode.

Fountain Pen

Arctic Silver Fountain Pen - Model: ISPJP(1-3, 5)SA

Bark Silver Fountain Pen - Model: ISPJP(1-3, 5)SJ

Peacock Silver Fountain Pen - Model: ISPJP(1-3,5)SP

Wave Silver Fountain Pen - Model: ISPJP(1-3,5)SW


Arctic Silver Rollerball - Model: ISPJPRSA

Bark Silver Celluloid Rollerball - Model: ISPJPRSB

Peacock Silver Rollerball - Model: ISPJPRSP

Wave Silver Rollerball - Model: ISPJPRSW

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