Sarnoff's Featured Artist of the Month - Phyllis Nardine Margrane

"The desert has shown me the beauty of shadows and the play of light that enhances the starkness and open spaces.

The incredible sky has now become my vision of the ocean.

The mountains have me mystified and in awe.

I breathe all in and take that breath to my canvas."


Taking her first painting lesson at the age of 9, Phyllis' love of the arts quickly became her passion. Since that first lesson, she has experimented with many mediums, but she continues to find acrylics best suited to the style and tone of her creative work.

She studied at New England School of Art in Boston and worked as a traveling freelance photographer throughout the east coast. She eventually settled down in Maine, where she raised two sons as a single mom. Her time fell short for her art during this period, but her love and passion continued.

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She became a member of the New Hampshire Art Association and her work was shown throughout Maine and the White Mountains area of New Hampshire. During this time, she also completed commisioned calligraphy work for sail boats, reflecting her love for being on the water.

In 2005, even though she loved the lakes and rivers of western Maine, she decided to trade her snow shovel in and moved to Tucson, Arizona for a new perspective on life. The desert has inspired an exceedingly creative period in her work; the depth and passion in her recent paintings radiate off of the canvas.

She has recently shown work at various venues in Tucson, including Stone Gallery and Dinnerware Arts, as well as Agua Caliente's Ranch House Gallery, and has also completed a number of private commissions. In April, 2009, her solo "Desert Visions" showed in Washington D.C.



Phyllis Nardine Magrane


2012 Agua Caliente Ranch Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
2010 Open Studio Tour, Tucson, Arizona
2009 One Woman Exhibit, Washington, DC
2001 Memorial Hospital, North Conway, New Hampshire
2000 North Conway Senior Center, North Conway, New Hampshire
2000 Peoples Bank, Fryeburg, Maine
1999 Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton, Maine


2112 Arizona Cancer Center North, Tucson, Arizona
2008 Dinnerware Artspace, Tucson, Arizona
2007 Stone Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
2000 Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton, Maine


Catherine E. Smith, Deep River, Connecticut
Julianna Kasik, Poland, Maine
Mr. & Mrs. R. McGoldrick, Denmark, Maine (Commission)
Michael Shulack, Bass Tournament Trophies (13 works - Commission)
Patricia Murphy, Harrison, Maine
Carol Tolson, Tucson, Arizona (Commission)
Pattie Anderson, Tucson, Arizona
Ray Lindstrom, Tucson, Arizona (Commission)
Michelle Cacho-Negrete, Portland, Maine
Patron in Tucson, Arizona (2 works - Commission)
Patrons in Washington, DC (9 original works, 7 giclee prints)
Patrons in Tucson, Arizona (5 original works, 1 giclee print)
Patron in Naples, Maine


Black Horse Tavern, Bridgton, Maine
Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton, Maine
Wellness Center, University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona


2012 Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona
2008 The Drawing Studio, Tucson, Arizona
2005 Life Drawing Class, Norway Arts Center, Norway, Maine
1968 New England School of Art, Boston, Massachusetts
1968 Torrington High School, Torrington, Connecticut (High School Diploma)
1959-1961 Private Oil Painting, Mrs. Haddad, Torrington, Connecticut
(I am primarily self-taught.)


2006-present Cardiac Rehab Exercise Specialist, University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona
1987-2005 Physical Therapy Aide, Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton, Maine
1987-2005 Bartender/Server, Black Horse Tavern, Bridgton, Maine


2012-present The Rogue Theatre, Tucson, Arizona
2008-2013 Domestic Violence Committee, University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona
1990-1995 Family Domestic Abuse, Bridgton, Maine
1988-1990 Rape Crisis Center, Portland, Maine

Why I Shop at Sarnoff

When I first moved to Tucson in 2005, Sarnoff's was the first art store my son introduced me to.  We purchased a beautiful easel which has seen many layers of paint and has held up beautifully. 

Just last week I was dismayed at the news that one of my canvas', which is being shown at the TIA Gallery, had a problem with a sagging corner to the painting.  I called Sarnoff's and with Henry's assistance, he introduced me to a product called Tighten Up which I immediately purchased and applied to the painting.  It was like magic and the tautness was once again back to its original state. 

Thank you Sarnoff and staff for great customer service.


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