Sarnoff's Featured Artist of the Month - George R. Welch
Painter and art educator George Welch has resided and worked in Tucson since 1971, and has recently retired, after 40 years, from the art faculty of Pima Community College, where he headed drawing and painting -  with a passion.  He is equally passionate about his painting, which has been influenced by the desert, African travels,  and jazz, as he reflects the rhythms and spirit of the inventiveness of the mind.  He is currently a member of the cooperative gallery Raices Taller, and is exploring the next chapter of his creative life. 

Dr. Louis Albert, president of the West Campus of Pima College, remarked, “Pablo Picasso once said that “painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”  George Welch is a gifted teacher and artist who has shared his diary and graced this community with elegance for 40 years.”



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Why I Shop at Sarnoff

Henry Sarnoff consistently offers a great and expanding opportunity to explore new vocabularies of painting, drawing, and graphic materials.  His store is like an artist’s library, or candy store, as one can experiment with any number of new products on the market. 

Over the years Henry has visited the Art Department of Pima College with several art experts to share with my students the hands-on demonstration of new art materials.  During my tenure of teaching drawing and painting at Pima, Henry and I have worked hand in hand to provide students with a broad spectrum of art supplies. 

He has also worked with me on all aspects of show preparation and my retrospective exhibits.  Without reservation he has been a wonderful patron, and deserves my many thanks.  He is also a major contributor to the TPAC Open Studio Tour for its 2012 brochure.

It’s exciting to see how Henry’s business has grown, and has helped the community with its rich art resources.  I love the great easel I got from him when he began.  It’s the centerpiece of my personal desert studio.

George Welch

I perceive my paintings as visual metaphors of the dream world, of chaos and the clarity of creation. When you step into the paradox of the blank canvas, you start out with something in mind and take it from where you are, like jazz. 



  • Born in Bronx, New York, 1943
  • Pratt Institute, 1961-64
  • B. S. in Art Education, Central State University, Ohio, 1967
  • New York University, Urban Teacher Corps, 1967-68
  • Ford Foundation Grant, New York Harlem Institute for Teachers, 1968
  • M. S. in Art Education, Bank Street College of Education, New York City, 1971


  • 1998-99 Fine Arts Division Strategic Plan Consultant, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio
  • 1983-85 Art Department Chair
  • 1979-81 President of Ododo Theatre Foundation
  • 1976-79 Program Facilitator
  • 1971-2011 Retired--Full-time Art Faculty, Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona
  • 2012 Juror and Curator of the Durango Art Center Annual Art Show


  • 2001 Monotype Silkscreen Demonstration Workshop, Raices Gallery
  • 2001 Sabbatical Approved ("The Elements of Nature")
  • 2000 Central Arts Collective Gallery Juror
  • 1996-98 Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
  • 1996-98 Co-Chair of the Institutional Climate Task Force
  • 1995 Assessing Student Academic Achievement General Education Co-Chair
  • 1995-00 Commonalities of Diversity, West Campus Committee
  • 1995 Strategic/Master Planning Committee, West Campus
  • 1995-00 Minority Student Issues Advisory Committee
  • 1995-98 Faculty Senate, Chair, Institutional Climate
  • 1994-95 Faculty Advisory Committee to the Chancellor


  • 1970 Solution 3 -Chelsea, New York City - owned gallery/artist
  • 1975 Pima College, Tucson, AZ - one person show
  • 1985-90 Gekas-Nicholas Gallery, Tucson, AZ - 2 person and group shows
  • 1988 Many Goats Gallery, Rancho Santa Fe, CA - one person show
  • 1989 Yuma Arts Center , Yuma, AZ - one person show
  • 1991 University of Arizona, Tucson,AZ - one person sabbatical show
  • 1990-98 Davis Gallery, Tucson, AZ - multiple shows
  • 1996 Chelsea Gallery, New York City - one person show
  • 2000 Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ - COBA artists' group show
  • 2001-current Raices Taller Gallery, Tucson, AZ - multiple shows
  • 2005-6 Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tuscon, AZ - multiple shows
  • 2005-6 Tucson Intl Airport Gallery, Tucson, AZ - 2 person show
  • 2005 226 Chelsea Gallery, New York City - one person show
  • 2010-11 Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery
  • 2010-11 Raices Taller 222 Gallery
  • 2010-11 Retrospective - George Welch, Pima Community College - Solo Show


  • 2005 Tucson Pima Arts Council - Art Educator Award
  • 2005 Congressional Recognition Art Award - Raul Grijalva
  • 2006 Pima College Board of Governors' Award
  • 2011 Chancellors Proclamation Award, Pima College District


  • COBA - Phoenix, AZ Artists
  • Raices-Taller 222 Gallery, Tucson, AZ
  • Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson, AZ

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