Mary Schaefer

My life became an exciting novel when I became

For six months out of every year for fifteen (15) years I followed my Mining Engineer husband to the most remote areas of the world, discovering new worlds, some 3,700 feet beneath the surface of the Earth and others 14,000 feet above the earth and thousands of miles in-between. Traveling between worlds became a way of life that intrigued me.

The major force in my life, that became an awakening of my inner spirit, was experiencing many people and their cultures, sometimes aboriginal but always most enriching.  The drama of their lives was mysterious, superstitious and filled with a peace that easily masked terror and impending danger.  Heaven became Hell! VAYA CON DIOS were the last words I heard.

My favorite companion in this whole world that is always in the studio for many hours while I paint. 

Her name is Tally Loo.


Adventures and Garden Art
Mary Schaefer

Read my book, ‘THE LIFE THAT GAVE ME ART’, which shares with you a collection of 131 paintings and 61 photos, all have documented my many experiences adding up to a mother lode of  memories, emotions and passions put to paint and prose.  My life is my credential.

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Top Hard-Bound Book in the State Of Arizona with a Gold Excellence Award among Entries from 700 Printers in the Year 2006

International Independent Publishers Awards, Honorable Mention in the Coffee Table Category with 2000 Entries from Three Countries in the Year 2006


My work has lived in the White House, museums, many galleries, and I am a member of the Mountain Oyster Club as an honorary artist member. I’m
published by Joan Cawley Publishing (largest publishing company in the U.S.A) and Bentley Global Fine Art Publishing Co. ( the largest publishing company
in the world)

Manufacturing Companies have contracted, through my agent, Joan Cawley Gallery to use my at work for tapestries, ceramic objects and greeting cards.

I have also enjoyed doing many commissions, both private and corporate.


Why I Shop at Sarnoff

Henry Sarnoff helped to implement all that I have done.  From the first day I met him, many years ago, he became my friend and a partner in the arts, who was always willing and anxious to see that I got all the supplies I needed.  No task was too hard for him to make sure I enjoyed the support system I needed to achieve my individual artistic needs and successes.

I believe in supporting our very own local businesses.  By doing so, we become a family unit of mutual endeavors and shared successes.

Thanks Henry, for being my friend and compadre and being such a contributor to many worthy causes that we have worked together on.

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